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One of the most innovative features you can offer your clients

Homebuyers are looking for innovative ways to make their lives easier, especially when it comes to online shopping. The Receptor offers a convenient solution for keeping expensive purchases, groceries, and meal deliveries safe from theft and the elements.


of homebuyers want customizable features


of homebuyers want a smart home system


of Americans receive packages every day

Desired by Homebuyers

The Receptor’s patented, flush design is perfect for new residential construction with a variety of sizes, colors, and textures available that work well with entryways, shipping rooms, kitchens, garages, and more.

Why choose the Receptor

Support every step of the way

From the beginning, we help you determine the best solution for your space, offer bulk discounts, and provide installation instructions and marketing materials for your construction and sales teams.

Bulk discounts

We are excited to offer a bulk discount on the Receptor, the ultimate delivery solution for homes and businesses. Whether you’re working on a new build or upgrading an existing property, the Receptor can make delivery easy and worry-free. And with our bulk discount, you can save even more on your order.

Three year warranty

We are confident in the quality and durability of the Receptor, and we stand behind our product with a 3-year limited warranty. If you experience any issues with your Receptor within 3 years of the purchase date, simply contact us for a resolution. Please note that this guarantee does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, or improper installation of the Receptor.

Placement and Installation in New Construction

As soon as you decide to incorporate Receptors into the homes you are building, the DB Delivery Solutions team will work with you to determine the best location, size and finishes. The team will provide installation instructions for you and will be available to answer questions and provide support for you and your clients.

Custom sizes and accessories are available. The exterior can be finished to complement the exterior of any building so that the delivery bin is aesthetically pleasing.


Frequently asked questions

Please contact us at (810) 642-4040 to receive a quote for your Receptor.

After you place your order, your Receptors will be built to your specifications and when completed, shipping will be arranged.

Yes. There will be an owner’s manual that explains to homeowners how to program the keypad on their Receptor and how they notify delivery companies.


The discount amount on a bulk order will be determined at the time a quote is provided.

Transform your homebuyer experience with the Receptor